Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Am Vertical

In October of 2007 I began this painting at the Meeting Of The Masters in Dallas Texas.
With most of my paintings I have a direction that I'm heading but as time goes by that can change into a new meaning, a new passion and a new vision.
I began this as a painting to show how I must decrease and He must increase. As I added layer upon layer, through the ugly stages and through the woods I found myself fighting to finally finish this painting in 2011. Darkened by deep emotions that poured from my soul yet lightened by the Truth that keeps me always looking vertically. Getting up day after day, setting out to finish well, I would strive to finish this journey.
Then with a swift palette knife of bright gold, I find the meaning of a story told.
A new name yet the meaning is the same, for the more I bow down
The more I Am Vertical!

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