Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Casual Conversation

My latest painting is titled "Casual Conversation", it is a very simple color palette with texture flowing thru the field of 10 layers. The inspiration for this painting comes from the time spent with my best friend, and brother, while in Fort Lauderdale for my artist reception.
We both slowed down from our very busy lives to spend 36 hours together. He has a home full of boys and a wife who gives endlessly to the care of this kingdom. He also has a "big boy" job with a lot of responsibility and hours to boot. His time is of great value and for him to take a slice of his pie to give to me means a world of treasure in my heart.
He has traveled from coast to coast be at my artist receptions in the different galleries and now we had another moment to be best friends and brothers.
Like my paintings there are many layers in our relationship. We have had great times and not so great times. Like being pushed out of the car while exiting the parking lot at church. Sorry bro couldn't resist!! :)

When layering my paintings they go thru the "ugly" layers, then there are some "so so" layers and finally I stop at the "beautiful" layer. Capturing the moment in time that beauty has beheld the painting and it is finished!!
This is what I find to be beauty in a 36 hour weekend with my brother. We laugh... a lot, we talk and we sit in silence just knowing that no matter what he does or I do we will choose to love each other unconditionally. We accept each other, we correct our wrongs, we inspire and challenge each other.
The color palette is simple, as life should be.
Taking time out of your busy day to have a "Casual Conversation" with someone you love!