Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Steps To The Unknown

When my wife and I take road trips, we love to explore. We know where our final destination is each day but we love to travel down the unknown and find what is needing to be found. This photo was taken in Gloucester, MA and is part of an old castle by the ocean.
Where do these steps lead?
What is around the next turn?
I'm feeling very on edge at this moment as I wait for a phone call to tell me that my paintings have been found. Sure there is insurance on them, and I would be paid for them if they are lost, but what about my New York debut? The final painting called "Amazing Grace" was just finished for NY and the three of them fit together like a beautiful symphony. I have a lot of available paintings, here, and seven in Laguna, but these three were it.
God in His all knowing power sees where they sit, probably safely on a truck to NY, but I can only wait upon Him to see me through this step to the unknown. All of this is happening so fast - from nowhere to Laguna and now New York, 2009 has been one year leaving me in a state of AWE!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm now ready for the New York opening next month and will be shipping my three paintings on Monday. The newest painting is "Amazing Grace", shown here to the right.
You have to see this painting to really appreciate the change that takes place when the lighting changes. I have posted two photos on my website ( that show you low light and natural light. Even with the two photos being different there are still depths to explore as you change the lighting.
In the low light you can travel down abstract roads, deep textures and colorful paths. We all have been down roads that are dark, maybe even now we find our soul trapped in a place of hopelessness. Searching for a way out or grasping for a breath as our eyes look across the water horizon.
Turning to the full light fades the darkness and brings a golden glory to the hopelessness inside. Touches of crimson red take away the missed mark road we have traveled and set our soul to be at peace with the warm tones of life.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy and blogging

I find myself sitting here on December 12th with some time to write. So much has happened since my last entry and the moments of free time often become a "happy nappy" instead of writing my blog. LA was a so so show and I am happy with the way things are going in Laguna Beach California. In September I was trying to figure out which city I should head to next for a gallery representation and a gallery came knocking on my door. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, in the Chelsea district of New York, asked me to submit my portfolio and I sent it to them. They quickly sent me a contract, we went to NY to meet with the gallery owner Ruthie Tucker, and now all is set. My showing will be from January 8th - February 2nd and my reception will be on the 14th. The gallery will represent me for a year with my portfolio being available for view by collectors. I'm really excited to see the reaction to my style of art from the people of New York. Pictures and web pages can not fully give someone the impact of the original painting. I had two paintings ready to go and just finished the third for my show. I had started on this painting back in September to be a horizontal piece and after realizing that there would not be enough room in my show to accommodate the width, I changed it to be vertical. This is what I love about my life, every turn brings a new image to enjoy. I was going in the direction of a painting called "Narrow Road" or "The Narrow" and as the layers began to blend on top of each other, I found a new painting emerging. The last layer was dry and I brought it into my living room for a "in the room" view. I was speechless as I walked from one side of the room to the other. The painting goes from this depth of color, with many roads to travel down, to a beautiful blend of gold covering all the deep roads we traveled before. Touches of red in this golden light told a story that made my soul marvel at His Amazing Grace.