Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm now ready for the New York opening next month and will be shipping my three paintings on Monday. The newest painting is "Amazing Grace", shown here to the right.
You have to see this painting to really appreciate the change that takes place when the lighting changes. I have posted two photos on my website ( that show you low light and natural light. Even with the two photos being different there are still depths to explore as you change the lighting.
In the low light you can travel down abstract roads, deep textures and colorful paths. We all have been down roads that are dark, maybe even now we find our soul trapped in a place of hopelessness. Searching for a way out or grasping for a breath as our eyes look across the water horizon.
Turning to the full light fades the darkness and brings a golden glory to the hopelessness inside. Touches of crimson red take away the missed mark road we have traveled and set our soul to be at peace with the warm tones of life.

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