Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Steps To The Unknown

When my wife and I take road trips, we love to explore. We know where our final destination is each day but we love to travel down the unknown and find what is needing to be found. This photo was taken in Gloucester, MA and is part of an old castle by the ocean.
Where do these steps lead?
What is around the next turn?
I'm feeling very on edge at this moment as I wait for a phone call to tell me that my paintings have been found. Sure there is insurance on them, and I would be paid for them if they are lost, but what about my New York debut? The final painting called "Amazing Grace" was just finished for NY and the three of them fit together like a beautiful symphony. I have a lot of available paintings, here, and seven in Laguna, but these three were it.
God in His all knowing power sees where they sit, probably safely on a truck to NY, but I can only wait upon Him to see me through this step to the unknown. All of this is happening so fast - from nowhere to Laguna and now New York, 2009 has been one year leaving me in a state of AWE!!!

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